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1.Best Wished On Your Birthday (HBD มีความสุขมากๆนะเว้ย)

Running Time - 24.42 mins

Director - Thanatorn Thanalekhaphat

School - Bangkok Christian Collage

English Synopsis

‘Tum’ and ‘Ake’ are trying to surprise ‘Beer’, their friend on his birthday by committing a ‘fake raid’; Along with ‘Scene’, who is reluctantly joined. As it turn out, ‘Beer’ understands it’s a real raid and the surprise is no longer a surprise but a chaos.


2.CHEAT (โกง)

Running Time - 18.34 mins

Director - Karnpicha Sinlertpattana

School - Pingkaratana School

English Synopsis

When you were a student, have you ever cheated something? This short film have got 2 group, that don’t like each other: And the reason maybe because of one group always be in right way but other always cheat everything that they can and don’t care even it’s good or bad. Even this two group are opposite side but they don’t use energy to judge the problem. They prove themselves that, what group will be acceptable in the society. Finally what group will win or now in Thai social, people care about their own benefit more.


3.CHOICE (ทางที่เลือก)

Running Time - 12.30 mins

Director - Amornpong Thokaownopparat

School - Assumtion Samutprakarn School

English Synopsis

Our lives, it has to aspects, both the good and the bad, but they are a few people. To choose to do good things. Or there be a few people to do bad things. The result is up to “us”.


4.DEAD FRIEND (เพื่อนตาย)

Running Time - 12.33 mins

Director - Traitos Tongkum

School - Truimudomsuksa Patthanakarn Nonthaburi School

English Synopsis

When Nott lost don’t come to school. Making friend is the most questionable. When Nott come back with the challenge by inviting, White, Pond, Drink, Fook at an abandoned house in the evening. And after that is the beginning of the horrors. The turnoil cause many to come. They will find anything? They will be back or not? And Nott lost and why he come to school?


5.Ghost (คนน่าผี)

Running Time - 18.00 mins

Director - Siriyakorn Noimee

School - Kaow Yoi Witthaya

English Synopsis

Teenage group want to test a haunted house.


6.Result (ผลลัพท์)

Running Time - 13.48 mins

Director - Supakrit Chaihin

School - Srisakate Witthayalai

English Synopsis

The story of the girl who Humiliate things that worth for her.


7.The Last Detective (สืบระห่ำทะลุนรก)

Running Time - 29.58 mins

Director - Isarapap Nimate

School - Truimudomsuksa Patthanakarn Nonthaburi School

English Synopsis

Arpart, the police who can contact with dead people. Madam Boonleung, a rich woman has died suddenly and mestery. Then Arpart and Tiffy, his partner they must solve this case.