About Us

BISFF is a unique international film festival for student worldwide to expose their works and talents. The festival originated from our recognizing capability and creativity of film students across the world, and tries to bring out their competence to public as well as for the film industry in the near future. Besides, BISFF aims to create dynamic space for film academics, public sections, and film professionals to exchange their excited knowledge and expertise. Each year, BISFF has held various innovative workshops and seminars as additional to the film screening.

From its success of the 1st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th in 2010,2011,2012 and 2013. The 5th Bangkok International Student Film Festival (BISFF) will be held again this year, on 28th April – 4th May 2014

1. To be the center of international cooperation in promoting the feature film produced by students, movies and other related fields.
2. To promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas and perspectives on movies, with film student, or other related fields.
3. To be the center margining for partnership in training workshop as well as improve skills in film production to film students and other related disciplines.
4. To open up opportunity to film students, to promote and develop new skills for prospective filmmakers.