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Thai Competition-1


Running Time - 30.00 min

Director - Satavat Satanbua

University/College/School - Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University

 English Synopsis

Officer is rachen( spy ) , undertake a commitment business responsibility goes to help name spy jack , by enter help this time have an officer of one person state is behind , and name spy closely is who have list of names data of neck god take all , thus fungus Jainism officer then please the eye graduate in Buddhist spy theology that the name closely and the list of names for expose corrupting data and catch the criminals come to punish according to law can give in like the way of , an officer is rachen , and entering catches the criminals in this time , as a result , get into with a police inspector Gan , the colleague of a category rachen.

Thai Competition-2


Running Time + 03.00 min

Director - Itti Penroj

University/College/School - Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi

English Synopsis

A young who wake up and realize that he only person in the world. So he’ll find out that he’s lucky or unlucky.

Thai Competition-3

3.Arcade Love

Running Time - 04.30 min

Director - Nut Tanomsampan

University/College/School - Silpakorn University

English Synopsis

The story of a boy who likes to play games. He fall in love with a little girl in the game center and that was the beginning of the love for both. The time pass by, boy and girl are grew up. The boys continue to play the same game by ignoring the future and things around him. That’s a reason of couple’s estranged for their love. The boy realizes about his fault, and then he tried to do everything to prove that how much he loves her.

Thai Competition-4


Running Time - 01.00 min

Director - Abhichoke Chandrasen 

University/College/School - Chulalongkorn University

English Synopsis

A boy is about to face the worst fear of his life.

Thai Competition-5

5.Charlie’s Garden

Running Time - 11.00 min

Director - Jonathan de Hoop

University/College/School - Mahidol University International College

English Synopsis

Charlie is old and having heart problems, he can no longer do his gardening work. He writes to his son, who is in prison, describing his situation. His son writes back, that he has buried the bodies in the garden. The police take action, will they find the body?

Thai Competition-6

6.Clouds of Memories

Running Time - 15.00 min

Director - Natthaphon Sakulvanaporn

University/College/School - Mahidol University International College

English Synopsis

An old man who, because of disappointment, escapes from his successful past in order to be alone in the countryside, where he once again has a wonderful time that’s soon to be over when he learns that he has Alzheimer’s.

Thai Competition-7

7.Coming of Age

Running Time - 13.38 min

Director - Nivet Srisoontronthi, Teerapipat Siriwatsiri

University/College/School - Srinakharinwirot University

English Synopsis

The story of a men who has to break the law for justice Form a boy in scout camp, who has to sneak off to help a puppy, to a skillful with he’s hesitating receiving brbe to compromise in a case he knows he’s going lore, get ready for decision of people in 2 different ages that with make wonder that.

Thai Competition-8


Running Time - 17.06 min

Director - Nitaz Sinwattanakul

University/College/School - Thammasat University

English Synopsis

Nick is about to start life with a new family. After Pat, her former husband died. More she tried to erase the memory of a Pat. Even the old memories came back to her more.

Thai Competition-9

9.Easter Eve

Running Time - 13.45 min

Director - Chanakarn Luewiphan

University/College/School - Silpakorn University

English Synopsis

“Eve” a girl who has depressive disorder syndrome because of disappointed. Until she found Easter egg, so her life change into a good way.

Thai Competition-10

10.Electra Complex

Running Time - 07.33 min

Director - Surakij Poosoontornsri

University/College/School - Assumption University of Thailand

English Synopsis

A sole daughter of a Chinese family, raised by depressed and violence mother, together with unthoughtful father which only comfort her with words, but not of wisdom. By slowly soak up violence, lust, and desire from her environment, she grown up with confusing and eccentric perception between Love and Desire.

Thai Competition-11

11.In Flames

Running Time - 10.00 min

Director - Sita Lerdjarudech

University/College/School - Mahidol University International College

English Synopsis

Forest Fires occur annually during the dry season in Thailand. However, fires that caused naturally happen only 1 percent which means that 99 percent of the forest fires caused by human made. In the last 30 years large parts of Thailand’s forests have been cleared for agriculture. Fire played an important role in this since it had been an agricultural tool for local people on communal land in many centuries, either to clear harvesting debris or to clear new land.

Thai Competition-12


Running Time - 11.06 min

Director - Aimee Provost

University/College/School - Mahidol University International College

English Synopsis

The Magical Adventure of Emily Higgens is a fantasy adventure story about a young girl trying to escape a hospital into the woods where she is accompanied by a little sick boy and her magic sketch book. Together they must work diligently if they ever plan on getting to safety.


Thai Competition-13

13.Ma Ma Gor

Running Time - 06.30 min

Director - Nattapol Paibulbaramee

University/College/School - Mahidol University International College

English Synopsis

After Ton came back from Bangkok to countryside, he decides to stay with his mother. Unfortunately, Ton unconsciously becomes more aggressive with his mother. However, Ton’s mother does not give up on him, she even try to be nice and kind to Ton in order to help Ton release his stress. Unluckily, Ton looks over his mother’s kindness and he put his stress on her instead. That’s the reason why his mother starts to feel disappointed.

Thai Competition-14

14.No Love Lost

Running Time - 06.55 min

Director - Jomkwan Jaemjirasai

University/College/School - Mahidol University International College

English Synopsis

A man comes by Alle’s lotus farm to give her the urn of his grandfather who turns out to be the Alle’s past love. A man told Alle that his grandfather, Pik, always wanted reunite with her but he was restricted by his responsibilities. Alle’s heart is fulfilling once again after realizing that even before Pik passed away, he still think of her.

Thai Competition-15

15.P.O.V. Point of View

Running Time - 03.20 min

Director - Praveena Danchaiviroj

University/College/School - Mahidol University International College

English Synopsis

“This world is a two sided coin. Everything has its good and bad side.” The pessimist protagonist wakes up to his miserable ordinary life. Everything around him is terrible, he is unhappy and sees everything in disarray, even to himself too. He nearly gives up on his life until he sees a little light of hope that helps him change his point of view.

Thai Competition-16


Running Time - 11.00 min

Director - Panakom Santayanon

University/College/School - Mahidol University International College

English Synopsis

A quiet, grade 2 boy, Frank is deciding what to bring to surprise his classmates on the show & tell day. By growing up familiar with his dad’s obsession with hunting and firearms, gun is not something he is nervous off. Frank secretly sneaks off with dad’s loaded revolver make his way to the school with his best friend, Rex.Frank arrives to classroom alone. The secret does not hold so long, Lily, the teacher finds out about the gun from Frank’s backpack. However, one of the bullets was shot earlier. Lily has to make choices between believing in her discipline, helping Frank out of trouble or to get away clean. Lastly, to know what happen to Rex.

Thai Competition-17

17.The Disappeared

Running Time - 30.00 min

Director - Peerapol Jirapathomsakul

University/College/School - Silpakorn University

English Synopsis

Homeless man feed and clothe him by selling garbage. One day he had an accident that he was knocked unconscious and dreams of a happy life that he had not been in his life before. When he wakes up from a coma. He really misses that happiness. He tries to make him an accident was to be unconscious and dream like that again, but it didn’t work. Until the end, he chose a way to make him unconscious with a way to end the life of his own.

Thai Competition-18

18.The heart of Vietnam 1975

Running Time - 10.00 min

Director - Vorapitcha Rattanapasert

University/College/School - Mahidol University International College

English Synopsis

After the first bomb- hit Vietnam that was when a cold war begin, a documentary about Cu Chi tunnel at Cu chi district, Vietnam. Surviving in the darkness, fear and tiny spaces. Empty land no human no living thing. So where are all the Vietnamese? It’s normal to see building, transportation, people eating, people talking and live with the thing they can see. What if you have to do everything without seeing it, you have no idea what is behind you in front of you or what us coming to you. Surrounding by darkness, fear and tiny spaces. But it the safest place to be right now. An everyday routines like living on land but in darkness. Living underground in the darkness with tiny spaces wasn’t comfortable but livable, all the fear of enemy attacking, with those feeling for over 20 years and finally. In the year 1975, they defeated the war that American lost in the fight with “Vietnam”.

Thai Competition-19

19.The Honest Ticket

Running Time - 09.21 min

Director - Porntep Luang-on

University/College/School - Silpakorn University

English Synopsis

Families with older sister name “Tang”, her younger brother “Ting” received letters Scholarships in Bangkok. On the way to the train station Ting met a driver headed the fare. Ting sees them as an “animals” and animals as well as after it is filled out at the deli. The train’s ticket will sell half-price of younger 12 years old kids. But it just pass Ting birthday only one day. He has to get full-price tickets. So he has to chose the wrong way to become a “beast” like other. But by the good teachings of his sister. He can turn back, and travel by the “faithful”.

Thai Competition-20

20.The Interception

Running Time - 16.00 min

Director - Kanakorn Chanama

University/College/School - Mahidol University International College

English Synopsis

Dr. Win, a wealthy surgeon, he is extremely determined himself on developing Thai medical advancement. He also enjoys challenging himself by solving solution or cure that no one ever figure out before. Even though he is going pretty in his career, he never experience any love from other woman before until he meets WALAI, a young and a good-looking woman who Dr. Win decides to marry her. However, Walai’s background doesn’t seem to be so bright, she was raised in an orphan house where she had to struggle to survive. Luckily, Walai had Dan, her first and only love who always protected her. Walai and Dan were speared because later on different family adopted them, but destiny has drawn them together again after Dr. Win and Walai ‘s wedding. From this consequence, it leads both Walai and Dan to come up with a plan to kill Dr. Win while they are on a honeymoon trip, so that they can seize Dr. Win’s property, and happily spend the rest of their lives together. 

Thai Competition-21

21.The Rebirth of Jimmy

Running Time - 04.16 min

Director - Charmnanvudh Vancharoen

University/College/School - Mahidol University International College

English Synopsis

Jimmy is reborn into a new world to be greeted by the lively world around him, but what prevents him from enjoying it is the fact that he’s been reborn as a potted plant!

Thai Competition-22

22.To the Moon

Running Time - 04.14 min

Director - Chayanit Hansaward

University/College/School - Mahidol University International College

English Synopsis

In the world where everyone is reaching for the moon, a young wolf is trying to climb the ladder to get to the moon along the journey, he met other animals. What will he do? Will he reach the moon? What will happen?

Thai Competition-23


Running Time - 30.00 min

Director - Pleankan Trikhumpun

University/College/School - King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang University

English Synopsis

“Kong” householder jobless, he doubts in a relationship with “Ploy” (his wife) has cheated on him. He counsel “Praew” (Ploy’s sister) and investigate about Ploy. Finally he knows the truth, his imagination about Ploy and her adulterer is hallucination that he created. By the action of his own infidelity. And he was killed “Ploy” long ago.

Thai Competition-24

24.ความสูงของสารเคมี (Chemical Dimension)

Running Time - 14.25 min

Director - Vutichai Tanglaksilathong

University/College/School - Silpakorn University

English Synopsis

Poo is a young boy who is 19 years old. Unfortunately, the unusual story is happened, that is he does not have any pubic hair. Moreover, it is a huge trouble and becoming the inferiority complex which always embed in his mind. After that, he tries to create the painting works in his room. The painting works are about the black lined patterns which are exquisitely painted with paintbrushes and pencils until the lines become coiling picture. By the way, there is a one guy who tries to violate Poo’s area. Finally, he can exceed but Poo already accepted the inferiority complex by himself.

Thai Competition-25


Running Time - 19.30 min

Director - Anuchit Ratanatrimongkol

University/College/School - King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang University

English Synopsis

The Short film “CHALAWAN” The idea of a man persecuted animals in many ways. Both the leather or catch animals to eat them. There was a film up. This story will bring a new perspective of Krai Thong “Chalawan” The Greatest Alligator wake up in the era of the ancient seal. The purpose for revenge “Krai Thong” Krai Thong , who passed away but his descendants “Fargold” but then he realized the truth , something which changed his feelings of anger …

Thai Competition-26

26.ระบำกลางไฟ(The Fire Dance)

Running Time - 08.40 min

Director - Jaturon Jetwiriyanon

University/College/School - King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang University

English Synopsis

Vam , Another young man nightspots . Notably with his beautiful young girl in a bar. Another cause was poisoned Visual hallucinations think that their interest in the girl. But then the bartender separately. When the truth is the In bar brawl Glistening back at the bar again. I want to occupy formed in the mind, but the bartender is just a man who did not want to stop with anyone . The trigger gun shots two losses incurred by both sides.

Thai Competition-27

27.ราตรีประหลาด(Strange Night)

Running Time - 20.39 min

Director - Opas Kortsombut

University/College/School - King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang University

English Synopsis

Donation’s Ake was stolen who is waiter in bar. He want it back so he start to found finally at night the thief appear.

Thai Competition-28


Running Time - 05.30 min

Director - Apisit Kampeck / Sorasart Wisetsin

University/College/School - Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi

English Synopsis

In a dark and quiet. Let lethargy of bugs Xiao security employees. It was a radio crime Cause morale shocked . During that bugs me to select a function or a hash invited to watch it.

Thai Competition-29

29.หมู่บ้านรอเจริญ(Rawchareon Villge)

Running Time - 18.26 min

Director - Nawapol charoentummaruksa

University/College/School - King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang University

English Synopsis

The Buddha of this local community. They said “the Buddha can give everybody accurately lucky numbers for lottery. But in someday the Buddha is gone and no one knows where Buddha is gone. Then, there are appear the three suspicious persons. First is the liaison that has the broker hired to steal and sell the Buddha. Second is leader of this local community whose people said corruption many things of center local community. The last one is J’ Tum who’s the big manager of lottery. Three persons accuse others, no one confess that is yours fault until the situation escalates and, no one can’t guess what’s going to happen.