BISFF2014 Regulations and Guidelines for Film Submission
International Competition

1. All applicants are required to send submission forms via which is online platform for film festival submission.

2. Applicants must be enrolled students in academic institution during 2013.

3. Film must be produced after 1 January 2013.

4. All films must be under 30 minutes length and all non-English speaking films must be presented with English subtitles.

5. There is one selection committee and one judging panel that will review and award the prize.

6. Deadline for submission is postmark date by 15th January 2014. If you choose to send DVD, send the film to:

Bangkok International Student Film Festival,
Film Department, School of Communication Arts,
Bangkok University, Phathumthani 12120 Thailand

f you choose to upload the file, see instructions on Shortfilmdepot website.

7. Award presentation ceremony will be held on 6th May 2014 at 5th Bangkok International Student Film Festival, Bangkok, Thailand. Venue of the festival will be announced later.


1. Applicants grant the Festival Organizing committee the right to use publicity stills and/or part of the film submitted up to 10% of the running time and/or the content of other submitted materials for publicity purpose.

2. Applicants understand that the preview copy of the film will be retained by Film Department, Bangkok University, the organizer of Bangkok International Student Film Festival.

3. Applicants confirm and warrant that they are the author of the film and the sole and exclusive owner of all rights in the film and has full and exclusive rights to submit the film to the festival. In the case of a group work, Applicant must be authorized, in relation to copyright and all other rights, from all the crew and any freelance contributors who were involved in the making of the film. Applicant will take all responsibility for any violation against law due to claims of infringement of any patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights in the production of the work. Applicant confirms that all agents who are involved in the film have read, understood and agree to be fully bound by the Rules and Regulations of the festival.

*** BISFF reserve the right to deny any applications violate the above regulations and guidelines.